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Dahlia in Bloom

Middle Grade Historical Fiction Novel


Can a person just decide to give up feeling scared?


It’s 1933, and Dahlia Harrell lives in a hand-me-down mountain cabin built by her Grandpap’s Uncle Zeke. At eight-and-three-quarters, Dahlia knows all about being scared. She’s scared of snakes, high-up places, dark nights, and a mean ol’ sister named Celia. What she doesn’t understand is the new president’s nonsense: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. 


Dahlia decides that enough money can buy away any reason she has for feeling afraid, and she sets her hope on the rumor of a treasure buried beneath Zeke's cabin. However, when her family is uprooted to become tenant farmers in a distant community, Dahlia’s quest for fearlessness inadvertently sets her on a path of recklessness. What she fails to realize is that the secret to living a fearless life has been hers all along. And that treasure? Well, it just might hold the answer after all.

Dahlia in Bloom receives Starred Review from Kirkus Reviews!

Book Launch: August 17, 2019, 2:00 pm

Midtown Reader, Tallahassee, Florida

About Susan:

Susan Koehler is an author, consultant, and veteran educator. Over the past 34 years, she has taught all grades from kindergarten to middle school and has served as a reading coach and an adjunct professor. She has traveled across the country providing professional development in the teaching of writing and is the author of four professional books and five nonfiction books for children. Susan was the 2004 Leon County Teacher of the Year and the 2005 recipient of the Mary Brogan Award for Excellence in Education. Currently, she teaches sixth and seventh grade language arts while developing middle grade fiction that speaks to the hearts of children. Dahlia in Bloom, her first novel for young readers, was released August 2019.

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